Monday, 30 March 2015

Mystery Guest Revealed at Special Assembly!

The Mystery Guest was me!  I'm Joan Lennon, and Tuesday 24 March was my first day as Queensferry Primary School's very own Patron of Reading - and it was a blast!  

First there was the Special Assembly - 

[Okay, I don't have any photos of the assembly that I can share yet but use your imagination for now - remember the guessing game and the songs and the finding out about you and the finding out about me - it was fun, wasn't it!]

then a sensational Slightly Jones event with the P6s and P7s - 

(and special thanks to my Lovely Assistant!)

and then after lunch, a fabulous Leif Frond event with the P3s, P4s and P5s -

(I loved how amazing you all looked doing the Hero Stance and your sound effects for Astrid's Adventure were superb!)

It was great meeting you all and I'm really looking forward to staying in touch. This blog is so we can keep on talking about books - tell me what you're reading - what you think of it - and What I Should Read Next!  I'm counting on you to help me choose, so get making those lists!

Talk soon - bye till next time, when photos from our first great day together will be revealed!  Can't wait!

(Oh, and come on over to my website any time - it's - see you there!)