Saturday, 14 November 2015

My November Visit to You

Did you notice a whirlwind at school last Wednesday?  That was me!

First I was with P3M and P3A/W reading from The Mucker's Tale and wondering what might happen if you said Abracadabra backwards, which is, of course ...

(The answer is Spells That Go Wrong! and you wrote some crackers!)

Then on to P4W/B and then P5B and then P5W and then P4Mc where we talked about what might happen if we put a character into a situation that made them feel worried and anxious and what we got were ... 


And in-between there somewhere I told the story of Ribburta and the Run-ragged Babysitting Adventure to the P1s and read some of the other classes' work and answered questions and asked questions and had my photo taken with some P6s and was amazed all over again at ...


Thanks for having me and, till I see you next -





  1. Group account test.

  2. Both coming through loud and clear!

  3. Hi Joan. I am just setting up a new account for classes to use. Thanks. Beth

  4. Hi Joan.
    P6L here. We are really enjoying your Slightly Jones series. We are reading 3 Slightly Jones books right now in class. So far we have found out that you use writer's tricks like describing how the characters feel, what they can see, feel and smell. Also you use similes, metaphors and ambitious vocabulary. We are looking forward to getting further in the stories.

    As the Slightly Jones series involve lots of adventure and mystery we have some suggestions for you.
    The Ghost of Grania O'Malley by Michael Morpurgo.
    The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo.
    War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.
    Demon Dentist by David Walliams.

    We would like to ask you some questions.
    Which authors did you like when you were a child?
    Who inspired you to be an author?
    How long does it take you to write a book?
    Who are your favourite characters and why?

    Thank you. We are excited to hear your reply.

  5. Hi P6L - great to hear from you - and I'm so pleased you're reading 3 of my Slightly Jones books! Which 3 did you choose? (There are 4 altogether - but don't ask me which one is my favourite - I'm RUBBISH at favourites!)

    Right, on to your questions:
    1. Which authors did you like as a child?
    Rosemary Sutcliff, all the Narnia books, Enid Blyton's Adventure series, and tons more - I read anything I could get my hands on.

    2. Who inspired you to be an author?
    Our house was full of books and everybody read like crazy, so I guess that would be my family.

    3.How long does it take you to write a book?
    That depends on how big a book it is, but for the Slightly Jones books, about 6 months each.

    4. Who are your favourite characters and why?
    Aaagghhhh! I'm no good at favourites! Tell you what, I'll just bounce that question right back at you - Who are YOUR favourite characters and why?

    Hope to hear from you again soon. And thanks for the book recommendations - I'll be checking them out of my local library my very next visit!

  6. Hi Joan

    P2L here. We just wanted to say thank you very much for coming in to visit us and reading one of your Ribberta stories. We really enjoyed 'the babysitting adventure' and, afterwards, we created our own front covers for the story!

    At the moment we are really enjoying reading The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson, as part of our 'Sun, Moon and Stars' topic. It was one of Mrs Law's favourite stories when she was wee. We wanted to know if you have read the story too and if any owls feature in any of your books?

    Thank you very much. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


    1. Hi P2L! I'm going to reply to your message in a separate post - because my answer has pictures in it!

  7. Hi Joan, P3M here,
    Thank you so much for your visit. We really enjoyed writing spells and using (Poo) smelly stuff. We have also been finding out about Poo in our Digestive System work for our topic about the Human Body. Gregor says your visit was POOTASTIC! Olive read part of the Ferret Princess at our local library and says she wants to read more. Looking forward to seeing you again, many thanks, 30 smiley primary threes.

    1. Hi there P3M - aren't bodies AMAZING! I had a great time with you too - it was, um, POOXCELLENT! 1 smiley face from me, and 2 wavy tails from my cats.

    2. And Olive, I'm really glad you're enjoying The Ferret Princess - I enjoyed writing it!

  8. Hi Joan, P7B have a few questions for you:

    'At the moment,P7B are reading "Step by "Wicked Step," by Anne Fine. We are really enjoying it and I was wondering if you have ever read it? If you have, did you enjoy it?' By Olivia.

    'Did you ever write newspaper articles when you were at school? I was just wondering what makes a really good headline?' By Erin M and Hannah.

    'This term we are learning how to write and how to layout a newspaper. Have you ever written one before? Did you find it difficult?' By Millie G

    1. Hi P7B! Here are some answers to your questions.

      Olivia: I haven't read "Step by Wicked Step" - thanks for the recommendation - I'll put it on my reading list. But guess what? I've had dinner with Anne Fine - pretty cool, eh? I was teaching a writing course and she was the Guest Speaker! She was funny and nice.

      Erin M and Hannah: No, I didn't get to write any newspaper articles when I was at school - it sounds like fun! I like headlines that have a joke in them, like "The Shocking Truth about Electricity" or "Hippy Baker Uses Flour Power" ...

      Millie G: I haven't written a newspaper before but I LOVE doing layout! I did the layout for a couple of anthologies I was editing and I lay the pages out on the floor, to see what order they looked best in ... and my cats came and sat on them!

      Great questions P7B - good luck with your newspaper work and we'll talk again soon!

  9. Hi Joan, P1HS here.
    It's bookbug week for children all over Scotland. We are all getting new books - Wanted! by Emily MacKenzie, Mouse's First Night at Moonlight School by Simon Puttock, Ziggy and Maggie Start School by Lynda Kennedy, Never Tickle a Tiger by Pamela Butchart. In our bags we also have a white board and pen to write with, some pencils and an activity booklet so we can explore the different books with our famililes. We voted for our class favourite. P1HS's favourite book is Mouse's Moonlight School!

    1. Happy Bookbug Week, P1HS! Simon lives in Edinburgh and I know he'd love to hear that you voted his book as your favourite - why not get your teacher to drop him a line? His email address is: Writers LOVE to hear that readers like their books!