Thursday, 3 March 2016

Some AMAZING Facts!

You know how rubbish I am at choosing favourites, so I changed the rules for this challenge - instead of 3 favourite facts, I chose 3 favourite categories!

And here they are -

a) Amazing Facts about Pee and Poo:

1. If a snail eats coloured paper its poo will be that colour and you can make the poo into thread, weave it and even make floor tiles with it!
(from James Loughlin)

2. "Hello – I’m a lac beetle. Do you know what I produce? And can you guess what this is used for?
After eating tree sap, I pass a liquid from my bottom that is used on many things, even things you eat!!
Bet you didn’t guess, I produce Shellac!!

This is used to make nail varnish shiny…..
And jelly beans glossy!! Anyone fancy one???"
(from Emilia P1B)

b) Amazing Facts about Colours:

1. Vikings ate purple carrots.
(from P4McC)

2. An octopus has blue blood.
(from P5B)

Scientists have found out that originally all humans had brown eyes.
(from P3A/W)

c) Amazing Facts That I Just Really Liked:

1. Robert Louis Stephenson had a stepson called Lloyd. When he and Lloyd sketched a treasure map together, Lloyd casually suggested how nice it would be to have a book written about it and Robert did just that! Treasure Island.
(from P3M)

2. When the Queen Margaret crossing is completed Queensferry will be the only place in the world to have 3 bridges built in 3 consecutive centuries!
(from P2L)

Amazing facts are amazing! And here's one more - 

You could learn a new amazing fact every day of your life and live to be a gazillion years old - and still not run out!


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