Sunday, 29 January 2017

2017 Begins!

Hi there!  Happy 2017 from me and from Toby and Mal and a pile of books on a comfy bed - what could be nicer?  You're right - nothing.

Here are some mystery photos I took on New Year's Day - are they really reflections and ripples on a loch, or are they something else ... Send me your ideas!

What are you reading just now?  I'm in the thick of Philip Reeve's fabulous Mortal Engines series. Absolutely gripping!

I'm coming to see you all some time soon - looking forward to that!  Until then, 
Happy Reading!

Cheers, Joan Lennon, your Patron of Reading.


  1. Hi Joan!

    There are 2 girls in our class who are also reading Mortal Engines, how cool is that? The girls think it is interesting, strange and very descriptive.

    We think the bottom photo looks like window blinds and that the rocks are floating in the other two photos. We think the colours are very silver and black.

    During Scots week we read the part in Gordie's Mingin Medicine where he makes the medicine. It inspired us to make our own medicines. We thought it was fun.

    Some of the really good books we are reading right now are The Princess Bride, Dragonball, Pax, The Fantastic Funny, Alex Ryder, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Poo - A History of the World from the Bottom Up, The Twins at St. Claire's and Conkers!

    Have you read any of these?
    What have you written recently?

    from P6L

  2. Hi P6L!

    Isn't Philip Reeves fabulous?

    Thanks for telling me some of what you're reading just now - I know some of them and some of them are new to me - and I'm always looking for new books to read! The Princess Bride has got to be one of my favourite-of-all-time movies - have any of you seen it?

    I'm working on a poem today, and then I thought, maybe some of you might like to write some poems about floating rocks or window blinds? I'd love to read those, and post them up on our blog here. What do you think?

    Hey - I'm coming to see you soon - yahoo!

    Cheers, Joan Lennon

  3. Hi Joan!

    Thank you for visiting us last week - we felt inspired by your idea of illustrating. So to test how effective our descriptive language is, we read out our character descriptions for others to illustrate. The results were... interesting!

    "The illustrations were quite a bit different from what I had imagined the character to look like. The words 'faded and ragged' helped though." - Robert

    "The drawings were pretty accurate. They followed my words and phrases exactly and because I used different techniques like comparing something to another, they worked." - Jessica

    "I forgot to describe the character's clothes! I think I could have been a lot more descriptive." - Molly

    This morning we listened to the spooky trailer of the Wickit Chronicles to inspire our story-writing. We would love to send you some of the end results!

    From Primary 6T

  4. Great stuff - looking forward to reading your stories!

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  6. Hi Joan!

    P2H want to say a big THANK YOU for visiting us in February, we can't wait until you come back to visit us again!

    We loved your idea about imagining having a flying horse and we had a go at writing poems using the writing frame you suggested. Here are two examples of our end results:

    If Only I Had a Flying Horse
    By Louis Squire
    If only I had a flying horse
    I would fly to Madrid, I might see the biggest football pitch in the world
    I would see Real Madrid stadium and I might even see them play
    I would hear restaurants and coffee machines
    I would smell omelette in Madrid
    I would taste omelette, pizza with cheese
    I would feel the Madrid stadium, it would feel hard and I might go in there
    If only I had a flying horse!

    If Only I Had a Flying Horse
    By Riley Valentine
    If only I had a flying horse
    I would fly to Japan
    I would see all the people in Japan
    I would hear the chopsticks clicking
    I would smell the sushi in Japan
    I would taste the cooked sushi
    I would feel the weird tables
    If only I had a flying horse!

    From Primary 2H

  7. Great work, P2H - thanks for sharing those with us!

  8. Hi Joan

    Primary 2L wanted to let you know about how we've been using books we know and love to help us with our writing. We used the story 'Dear Zoo' to help us with our letter writing. We discussed the story and then wrote our own letters to Edinburgh Zoo, asking them to send us some Perfect Pets.
    We came up with lots of great ideas - Erika asked for a ring tailed lemur and Finlay wanted a wolf!

    Thank you again for helping to inspire us!

    From Primary 2L

  9. Hi P2L! I've been all the way to Indonesia and back this month and it was great to come home to your message. I love the book Dear Zoo and your letters sound excellent - will you pick out an animal for me too? It'll have to be happy living with my 2 cats, though! Cheers, Joan